Dragon Rage


Dragon Rage arrived in the mail this week.  I ordered it from Belgium.  A bit expensive, but I figured if I was to get one I would have to absorb the cost.  It is a small press game, and unlikely to be distributed in the USA.

I am attracted to this game, in part, because it was designed by Lew Pulsipher.  Lew designed Britannia – a game I own and have admired for many years.  Another impetus was my enjoyment of Stronghold – a game where the monster horde is besieging a fantasy city.  Dragon Rage has a slightly different theme – you have dragons attacking a fantasy city.  Since I don’t need to own Stronghold- I’ll just occasionally play on Alex’s copy – I thought I’d get this variation on a theme.

Dragon Rage actually predates Stronghold – it was originally released in a modest format back in the 80’s.  I never saw that edition.  (Although I do recall owning a different game from Dwarfstar, the original publisher.)  But I am much more likely to play a deluxe version such as the edition I have bought.  Looking over the game, I am happy with the quality of the components.  The counters are thick and nicely die cut, with rounded corners.  The board is double-sided, giving you two scenarios to explore.

I am still reading the rules, and here the game does show some of its age.  Lots of rules and I’ll need to pay some careful attention.  Trying to read this before bedtime has not been especially productive.  But I don’t mind old-fashioned detailed rules.  I just need to set the game up and really attempt to follow along with the game materials for it all to gel.

Dragon Rage is really the sort of game I ought NOT to buy.  I know going in that this game is never going to see a ton of use.  But I do enjoy following favorite authors, and I will enjoy presenting a game people would otherwise not get a chance to try.


3 Responses to “Dragon Rage”

  1. Alex Says:

    Looking forward to trying it.

  2. Lewis Pulsipher Says:

    While it’s true that if I were to design a game with this theme now, it would be quite different owing to contemporary sensibilities and preferences, it would also lose some of its character as a wargame.


  3. thegamebistro Says:

    Thanks Lew for your comment. I look forward to playing your game, and will report back on this blog with our initial reaction.

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