Another wonderful weekend

Last weekend was one of our extended game getaways.  I played a lot of games, and enjoyed a lot of conversations with my friends.  Some of the gaming highlights:

Settlers of America – We played this twice.  I had more than one person tell me that they don’t really like Settlers of Catan, but they like this.  While I don’t really get the ennui with Catan, I agree this is a good game.

Spice Navigator – We finally played my variant for this spice-sniffing game.  I think it largely worked.  Certainly this is more of an event than a real strategy game.  But we had fun, and I am pleased.

18AL – This was the beginner 18xx game I took.  Alex and I played with 2 newbies.  I think all of us enjoyed the game.  Despite this being hailed as a shorter and easier beginner game, I thought this wasn’t much shorter or easier than 1830. 

Rallyman – This was requested and played.  Once again I finished a distant 4th.  Still quite fun, and I enjoyed the addition of using the snow and tire choice rules.

Stronghold – I requested this, and Alex obliged.  It may have been too late at night when we actually played it.  We both struggled with the rules.  I like the concept behind the game.  The game fascinates me, and I am tempted to get a copy for myself.  But rather than buy a copy for myself, I have ordered Dragon Rage, an older 2p game that is being reprinted this year where one player defends the city against the other player who controls a dragon (or two).

An den Ufern des Nils – Rob and I had played this years ago, and recalled that we liked it.  But too much time had passed for either of us to recall any details.  We gradually figured out the game, and all four of us playing kept remarking what a cool game this was.  I am inspired to play more of it.

Bean Trader – A successful romp through this boardgame version of Bohnanza.  I was pleased with the fun it generated.  I’m not so sure there is a lot of skill to be applied to this game, but the overall experience was quite good.

Hameln – I had to ask what the reference was.  Who knew the Pied Piper came from here?  This was the last game of the con for me.  Classic silly fun.  The game itself was slightly complicated, but Rob led us flawlessly through the rules, and the fun-filled gamers present made it a wonderful experience.  Honestly, I’m not so sure if the game would be as much fun again – but at that moment, it was the perfect activity.

I played many other games, but for me the above games were the highlights.  I finally tried Thunderstone, and liked it little.  My third tour of Galactic Emperor convinced me it is not my game.  Fun games of other familiar titles were pleasant.  A fine time all in all, and I look forward to our next SW Games event.


2 Responses to “Another wonderful weekend”

  1. Carrie Mehl Says:

    We ruled the skies with our Sasquatch armies in Galactic Emperor! All hail the green menace.

  2. thegamebistro Says:

    Hi Carrie! I never imagined you were reading my blog! I’m glad you liked Galactic Emperor. I seemed to be the odd man out who didn’t really love it. And I was the one who basically took your dad out of the game…

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