New Orleans Big Band

Zack gave me a copy of New Orleans Big Band as a present this past game night!


This is a game I’ve been curious about for a long time.  Turns out that Funagain has a copy for sale (at least as I write this).  So if you, gentle reader, need a copy for yourself, check it out!

I need to get the English instructions, but my basic understanding is that players compete to put together bands.  But the musicians are temperamental and do not always get along with each other.  So finding the right mix is a challenge.

I’m excited to give it a try!


One Response to “New Orleans Big Band”

  1. thegamebistro Says:

    Upon closer examination, I have realized I am going to have to create a English version of the deck of cards. Small format cards of a specific size – in order to fit the game board spaces.

    Unless I use markers on the board to show which sites have been depleted… But then I still need to make cards… a lot of cards. I will do this, but it it’s going to take some time.

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