Comfort Food for 6

I just enjoyed a nice evening of gaming.  We were six, which is always a vexing number.  We opted to play games as one group, instead of splitting into two 3-p games.  Despite having a large collection of games, I am never entirely satisfied with my options for a 6-p game.

Race games were not an option as we had one player who is vocal about his apathy for them.  We have played too much Power Grid, so that wasn’t going to be selected.  We briefly considered a few games, but enthusiasm was low for most of the ones mentioned.  I proposed Stimmt So, which had the advantage of being a game some did not know/recall, allowing it to be given a whirl.

Response was mildly positive.  Which is basically my reaction to the game as well.  It garnered 1 “OK” rating and 5 “Good” ratings.  For me, it is just a mildly good game.  I keep it in part because I received it as a gift, and also for its utility in handling up to 6 players.  The luck factor is large.  On the bright side there are interesting decisions, and it plays in about 60 minutes.

We then moved on to Medieval Merchant, perhaps the best game Goldsieber ever published.  I don’t play this game all that often, but it is a favorite.  I wonder if Friedman Friese played this, and was inspired to write Power Grid afterwards?  While different games, I feel they occupy similar game space.  For us, clearly Power Grid is the preferred game.  But we’ve played so much Power Grid that fatigue has set in, giving Medieval Merchant a second chance at table time.  And it was well received tonight, garnering several “Excellent” ratings and a couple “Good” ratings.

A nice evening of gaming, and played on slightly older games!


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