Wind & Games

Much to my surprise 3 gamers came to game night tonight.  The weather here in Albuquerque is about as bad as it gets.  We got 3″ of snow, some wind and temps were 10 F when folks departed.  I’ve seen far worse, of course, but for ABQ this is bad weather.

So once again gaming attracted a gamer or two despite inclement weather.  I’ve been hosting games on Tuesday nights since 1999, and NEVER have I failed to get at least one guest.  In fact, only once did it come down to a single guest, and even then we had some late arrivals come in after a bit.  Of course I am flattered by the attendance, but it sure is convenient for me too!

It was Amy’s birthday, so she picked Carcassonne as her game of choice.  Char was not familiar with the game, so I taught.  Even so, the game was completed in under an hour.  A good game that has stood the test of time.

A bit aimless, I asked if folks might be open to playing an obscure older game I’ve been wanting to try, Meteo.  It is a Portuguese edition, the German edition is titled Wind und Wetter.  Considering the bad weather, I thought it might be amusing to play a game about changing the weather.

So we played it, and while it sounded cool – the actual game play was a bit problematic.  This is pretty much a “once and done” game for me.  Glad I got to try it.  But probably not worth revisiting.


One Response to “Wind & Games”

  1. Chester Says:

    I came in a distant 4th in that Carcassonne game. I learned (again) the lesson that farmers matter.

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