Out with the Old, In with the Old

I have recently completed 11 trades thanks to a holiday “Math Trade” over at BGG.  Here was the shuffle:

Departing the collection:

  • Kreta – I never played that much of it.  I sort of liked it, but it seemed to have a problem with a runaway leader.
  • Command & Colors, with some expansions – I determined this was redundant, and now I will solely concentrate on Memoir for this sort of game.
  • Empire Builder – Not a game I really wanted.
  • British Rails – Ditto, although I had played this one in years gone by.
  • Lord of the Rings Risk – I’m pretty much done with Risk in all its forms.
  • Caylus – Underplayed.  A game I would play if requested.  But I won’t miss it.
  • Titan (AH edition) – I was kidding myself.  A game best left in the past.
  • Amun-Re – Never really got me.  The club may miss this one.
  • Washington’s War – Never played it.  Didn’t see when that might change.
  • Inotaizu (spare copy) – Still have my playing copy though!
  • Die Schatze von Ali Baba – I played it once in 5 years.  It was beautiful and flawed.
  • Teutopolis – The only game of the bunch I might miss a bit.  But I still have Wettstreit.

Coming to Me:

  • Liberte – Revisiting a game I tried once and found annoying.  I’ve come around on liking Wallce’s game more since then.  So I will enjoy giving it another go.
  • 300 The Boardgame – Still sealed.  This may be donated to a prize table.
  • Bean Trader (twice – oops) – We tried this years ago and it didn’t really click for us.  But I never got a second play, and I wanted another try.  The second copy was just foolishness on my part.
  • Take It Easy – Added to my set for 36 to play.
  • Formula De Circuit #33 – This will go over to Rick’s house where the rest of my Formula De stuff lives.
  • Siesta – A game I once owned.  We have been playing a fair bit of this as a filler on Monday nights, and I have come to appreciate it.
  • Jochen der Rochen – Probably slated to go to a prize table.
  • Bargain Hunter – Sealed.  It might also go to a prize table.
  • Hive – This is the older wood edition.  I doubt I play it much, but I will add it to my small game shelf.
  • Seidenstrasse – Looks intriguing.  Reviews are not hopeful.  But I want to try it.
  • 1860 – Railways on the Isle of Wight – The first edition.  I was going to get the reprint.  But the long delay and then the poor component remarks scared me off.  I am pleased to get the 1st edition, even if it doesn’t have the alternate map.

In addition to all that my copy of Rallyman recently arrived.  So its been a busy time of shipping and receiving.  While shipping is sort of expensive, it is a lot cheaper to swap games than to just buy.  Further, this at least doesn’t really add to the game library size.  In fact I did sort of aim on trading down, thinking that would allow my trades to go through, and relieve some of the bulge from my shelves.


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