Age of Industry

We finally played Age of Industry at the Game Bistro this week.  I had owned the game for a couple of months, so I was thrilled to finally get to play it.  Our game was filled with 4 experienced Brass players.  As a first play, I carefully referred to the rules.  One hazard of a game which is apparently ‘Brass 2.0’ is that we may assume we know what we are doing when a change had been intended.  I should re-read the rules, but I feel pretty confident we played it as intended.

It was good, in my opinion.  The other three players rated it “excellent”, and I nearly did so. But I can always raise my future ratings if it proves to be appropriate.  I won’t enumerate the differences and similarities to Brass.  But I will summarize them by saying it is clearly related, and much of the ornamentation of Brass has been cleared out.  It is these very changes which held it down 1 notch in my initial rating.

It was good.  It was very good.  But as a derivative work, I’m still processing if it really succeeds in a way that Brass did not.  Points for include:

  • It can play 5 people
  • Based on our initial game, it seems it will easily play in an evening.
  • It might be simpler to teach.

The fact that the game board is double-sided, with the potential of additional maps being released is also worth noting.

All in all, it pleased me, but did not wow me the way Brass did.


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