Gaming, or not

Tuesday night is game night around here – except when it is not.  Tonight was not.  But last night I did manage to play a game of Puerto Rico.  And Saturday afternoon I played the 1st scenario of the new “Breakthrough” Memoir ’44 game.  Very fun, and I hope to do more of that.  We used the new “Breakthrough” cards released in the “Winter War” expansion, which worked great.

I attempted to participate in a recent Math Trade over at BGG.  No luck.  I am realizing that I am falling further and further out of the pack.  Many new games are traded, and most are not interesting me enough to try them.  Further, the older games I might be ready to trade don’t seem to interest anyone else.  So no trading going on around here.

I may be getting an extra copy of Agricola – merely to beef up my available tokens for the game.  I dislike the counters used to indicate you have multiples of the various resources.  A bit ridiculous, but there you have it.

I found it interesting that some of my geek buddies over at BGG are trading off some of the newer games that I just recently acquired.  I really enjoyed Giants earlier this year, and tracked down a copy for my collection.  I saw it listed for trade today by two of my ‘trail marker’ geek buddies.

I’ll hope for a better week of gaming next week.


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