Classic Greece

Earlier this year I played Odysseus, in large part because the theme appealed to me.  Sadly the game didn’t, and I quickly gave the game to one of the other players who seemed to enjoy it more.

Down in Tucson, I visited Game Daze, a wonderfully stocked game store I like to patronize when I am in that town.  I bought Cyclades – which I am now wanting to play.  Cyclades is a game set in ancient Greece, where players invoke the gods to assist them in developing their city-state.  Unfortunately after I bought it, I discovered one of my likely players has already played this game, and found it lacking.  Nevertheless I am eager to play, and it does seem like it ought to be fun.

Alex brought over The Iliad on Tuesday night – oddly enough by the same author who wrote Odysseus.  (Of course Homer was the ancient author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.  In game land Dominique Erhard is the author of The Iliad and Odysseus.)  Iliad was a much better game than Odysseus.  I liked it, and can see playing more of it.

Reading a game newsgroup, I heard about another classic Greece game called Olympus, which is getting mixed reviews, but sounded interesting enough to perk my interest in playing it if I ever get a chance.

Reinforcing all this I watched a Netflix movie the other day about the last Roman Caesar (a child) and how he escaped to Britain.  Ultimately spurning further combat and throwing Julius Caesar’s sword into a stone… A neat tie in into the Arthur legend.  Not really a good film, but it tied well to my theme of late.

In other news, I played Industrial Waste for the first time this year on Monday night.  We had an especially tight game, and I managed to squeak out victory by a slender 3 points.  I was reminded that I really do like this game.  It is just old enough that it doesn’t get much attention anymore.

Tuesday night I also dusted off another oldie, Big City.  I’m not sure how much my opponents liked it, but I really enjoyed revisiting this old friend – one of my earliest German games.  I think Big City is really a 3-player game, and since that was our group, I was thrilled to get it back on the table after at least a couple of years.  Right after that, we played Tinners’ Trail, which is finally getting some additional plays.  Tinners got several plays in 2009, but then largely gathered dust in 2010, until my b-day party in November when we finally played it for the first time in 2010.


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