Not so much

Years ago I enjoyed Magic: The Gathering.  It swept the nation in popularity, with lots of gamers spending way too much money tracking down uncommon and rare cards, with countless expansions to the game.  After a while I burned out on the game, and I still own hundreds of cards that generally don’t get much play.

In the past few years I have noticed that my beloved hobby of boardgaming is starting to embrace a new style of games that is much more about cards.  Fortunately these games eschew the metagame of buying the better cards.  But otherwise these games do seem to embrace the idea of clever card combos and deck building.

Dominion was the game that seemingly defined this new genre of card-based games.  I have played it once, and it didn’t change my life.  About the same time Dominion came out another card-based game, Race for the Galaxy, was released.  I have never played this game, but have heard it described as Advanced San Juan.  While San Juan is okay, I would pick Puerto Rico over San Juan 10 times out of 10 times.

It’s been a couple of years now, and both Race for the Galaxy and Dominion have had multiple expansions released.  Race may be done, but Dominion seems to be going strong.  Inevitable knock-offs and derivative games have followed.

What caught my attention is that Martin Wallace has apparently decided to take a riff off of these games with his new release of London.  I just read an extensive review to London, which made it clear that it is primarily a card game.  The last 2-3 years has found me attracted to the particular style Wallace often gives.  His games are typically rich in theme, with heavier rules and punishing conditions.  God’s Playground and Brass are favorites from this design style.

Initially I was enticed by the good buzz about London.  But after making the connection to the card-based games I have largely been unenticed by, London has just firmly slipped below my buying threshold.  I will still happily play it, given a chance.  But it will not be on my copy.


One Response to “Not so much”

  1. thegamebistro Says:

    Bzzzt! That would be wrong. I’m just back from Tucson, and I purchased a copy of London from the Game Daze folks. Now to get it played.

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