Deep Six

I sold 6 games today for a song.

Bye Bye to:

Win, Place Show/Regatta/Speed Circuit – all old 3M games.  I don’t hate any of these, but they were not getting played, and my space for new games was pretty much nil.  We played Speed Circuit recently and I found myself thinking it had been surpassed.  If I want an old style race game like this, I will still have the old Parker Bros. Formula-One.  Win Place Show was fun the last time I played it, but it was not likely to get played again anytime soon.  Regatta was the least loved of the three, and I won’t miss it.

Unspeakable Words – the least said here, the better… ;^/

Carcassonne: The Castle – A 2p game and while decent, never the 2p game I would ask for.  Since I almost never play 2p games, it won’t be missed.

Sindbad – A provocative game that totally bombed the one time I got it on the table.  I liked the theme, but it was just a random run through the cards.

I sold the games in a very brief offer for sale.  The geek list on BGG was open and closed inside of 24 hours.


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