Birthday Game Party

Saturday was filled with friends, good times, and quite a number of boardgames!  Thanks to all my friends who came over to play a few games.  I had a great time, and I sensed everyone present was also enjoying themselves.

Here was my play list:

Kineti-Go – Terry showed up early, so we played  a couple of 2-player games to get started.  Kineti-Go is a giant magnetic shuffleboard game.  Visually impressive, and just fun to play with how the magnetic action works.  It has a high novelty factor for now, but I imagine this one will not be a long-term keeper in my collection.

Travel Ingenious – Terry and I played this sweet edition of Ingenious, perfect for 2.  I especially appreciate the way the tiles lock into position on the board.  In a squeaker, I pulled off a victory by 1 point.

Timber Tom – Bob, Peggy and Terry agreed Timber Tom would be a fun game to play, so we enjoyed the virtual hiking available through this wonderfully produced piece of folk art.  Bob proved to be the best hiker.

Ein Auge sei Wachsam – Rob taught me and the Benjamin clan this cute game about Pirating.  Basically it is a set-collection cardgame.  Andy who looks like the piratical type quickly demonstrated his inner Pirate abilities.

Greyhounds – Our same foursome played the “Bookie” advanced game of Greyhounds.  I played this earlier this year, and had really enjoyed myself.  I thought Tim and Rob might also be good choices for this game.  Everyone had some trouble visualizing how the game would work, but once we got through the set up, the game flowed nicely.  I even won!

Hansa Teutonica – Rob requested Hansa Teutonica, which was a popular choice.  Five of us had a hard-fought battle, with Rob narrowly defeating Ed.  This is my most played game of 2010, and I continue to find the game challenging.  I expect to buy the expansion map for it when it becomes commonly available.

A Brief History of the World – My third play of this game in 2010.  So for me, the game has successfully achieved its goal – making an older great game into a shorter-playing game that will be enjoyed more often.  John was our victor.  I enjoyed playing with Zack, Ed, and Alex.  I finished a respectable 3rd, not too many points back.

Tinners’ Trail – What a fine game.  While I played this a number of times when it was new, this was my first play in 2010.  Michael, Rob, and Tiffany were my opponents.  Rob managed to extract a huge amount of copper during the second turn when it was at the top of its value.  A big win for Rob!

Pony Express – Rob taught us a very silly and fun game set in the Old West.  Chester and Rob ended up in a shoot out at the end of the game for the victory.  Sadly Chester shot an innocent bystander, thereby giving Rob the victory.

Crokinole– too tired to think.  My “comfort food” of gaming was my last game in a fabulous game day.

All in all, a most excellent game party!


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