I recently listed a number of games being released at the Essen SPIEL festival.  I opined on why I might be interested in getting them.  I have largely dismissed them, with a couple of exceptions.  Here’s my current thinking:

 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight – I took the plunge on this one.  After so many years of being enticed by this one, I couldn’t say no.

The Great Fire of London 1666 – Remarks offered on this game have ranged from pretty good to very good.  But mostly I sense it isn’t the strong game I was thinking, and the component issues are a turn off.

Hansa Teutonica – East Expansion – I may still get this.  But I am feeling that HT is winding down at the club.

London – I still want this one.  But if I get a chance to play it first I could change my mind.

Mali Powstancy – Nah – Seems like a whim, which I will resist.

Memoir ’44: Winter Wars – I have a complete set (2x).  Automatic buy.

Mord im Arosa – Another whim.  I might still go for this one, maybe not.

Na Grunwald: rycerze króla Jagiełły – Another whim, no.

Poseidon – I will wait for some discussion.  Maybe.

Power Grid: Russia and Japan – Probably not.

Railroad Barons – No.

a la carte – the dessert expansion – Probably, but I am not going to import this.  If it shows up domestically I will order (and for you, Rob).

Hinkel & Stein – No, interesting to read about it, but I will pass.

String Railroad – Sounds fun, and innovative.  I am unwilling to import from Japan, so it is also a maybe -if the chance to buy domestically appears.


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