The annual Essen game fair is due to start very soon.  I had the pleasure of attending this festival back in 2004.  While a highlight of my trip to Germany, I have a relatively low interest in returning to the SPIEL festival.  Instead, I enjoy reading about the new games and scanning for a few that may call my name.  The upside to this is that it is far cheaper to buy a few games than to fly to Germany.

1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight – I’m undecided on this.  It’s not like we really need another 18xx game around here.  It’s long-term rarity, and the comparisons to 1825 do cause some interest.

The Great Fire of London 1666 – Seems like a great theme.  I will likely get this based on the theme, the high regard I am reading for it, and the fact that it is by JKLM – sort of.  While I would never pre-order a game from JKLM, I do find their editorial judgement is a good fit for my tastes.

Hansa Teutonica – East Expansion – While I do weary of expansions, this one is appealing.  I tend to like the “new map” sort of expansions.  Hansa Teutonica is turning out to be my personal game of 2010.  So a new map would be fun.

London – The new Martin Wallace Treefrog game.  Several folks, whose opinions I respect seem excited by this one.  I am highly likely to get this one.

Mali Powstancy – Translates to “Little Insurgents”.  Obscure route-running game with a quirky theme.  Players are resistance message runners in Warsaw dodging the Nazis.  I would like to try this one before buying, which is likely impossible.

Memoir ’44: Winter Wars – Another Memoir ’44 expansion?  Sold!

Mord im Arosa – Yet another clever Zoch game.  Seems like a “cube tower mystery”.  I can’t quite make out if this is a deduction game or more of a press your luck sort of game.  I am tempted by this one.

Na Grunwald: rycerze króla Jagiełły – Another Polish game.  May or may not be worthy.  I doubt I go for this one, as supplies seem very tight.

Poseidon – A variation on 18xx, set in ancient Greece, using sea routes.  Supposedly a 2 hour game… Color m interested.

Power Grid: Russia and Japan – Maybe.  We don’t play Power Grid the way we used to.

Railroad Barons – 18xx the cardgame, for 2 players.  While provocative, I will likely pass on this one.  I never play 2 player games, it seems.  And if I did, I cannot imagine I’d ask for a cardgame.

a la carte – the dessert expansion – Adds the materials to allow 5 to play, and a few extras.  I will probably cave and get this.

We’ll see what I really do.  I have pre-ordered nothing.  It’s not like I need any new games…


One Response to “Essen-tials”

  1. Rob Derrick Says:

    > a la carte – the dessert expansion

    Hey boss. Por favor. When you order this, would you order three?! I WILL reimburse you.

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