New Game Store for Albuquerque!

Ares Wargames Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting & Open House Saturday, October 16th from 11AM 3301 Menaul NE, Suite 18 Albuquerque, NM 87107

Ares Wargames, 3301 Menaul Boulevard NE, combines the most comprehensive inventory of historical, sci-fi and fantasy gaming in New Mexico with a professional atmosphere, 4,000 square foot of gaming space, and exceptional customer service. Games are delivered on a variety of platforms including panoramic Eye-finity video-game consoles and PCs; in addition, board games, table-top miniatures, role-playing simulation games and collectible card games provide options for both the casual and advanced gamer.
The Ares experience makes gaming social in a museum-like atmosphere. Customize your visit with a private game room reservation for your board game or role-playing scenario; sign up for one of the many classes or guest lecture events at Ares; join the VIP Latinum Club, the Member club, or the free beverage club for discounts.

At Ares Wargames a clean and safe environment welcomes life-long gamers as well as newcomers. You’ll find products for your favorite games, special-order options and exciting events to combine hobby and community.

What to expect:
Comic Con Ladies (Models dressed as heroines from Comic Books/Feature Films)
Star Wars and Star Trek characters
Historical Re-enactors (WWII and US Civil War)
US Marine Corps Recruiters
Exciting gaming tournaments across all genres (science fiction, historical, and fantasy) and types of gaming (networked gaming, board games, miniatures, and collectible card games)

Some of the event highlights (each tournament entry fee is only $5)

Saturday,  Oct 16th

NCAA Football Console gaming all day
10am till Noon Counterstrike Tournament
11AM Ribbon Cutting
11am Flames of War Escalation League
11:30AM Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament 2500pts
Lord of the Rings Demo–Balin’s Tomb Scenario
12noon till 2pm Civilization 5 Tournament
2pm till 4pm Starcraft2 Tournament
4pm till 6pm Counterstrike Tournament
5pm Dead Lands RPG demo
6pm till 8pm Civilization 5 Tournament
8pm till 10pm Starcraft2 Tournament
Magic State “After-Party” Event

Sunday,  Oct 17 th

1pm Napoleons Battles:  Waterloo
Madden ’11 console gaming all day
10:10am till 8:30pm Warhammer 40k Tournament 2000pts
1pm till 3pm East Indian Company Tournament (Age of Sail, real-time strategy game)
4pm till 7pm Civilization 5 Tournament
5pm Death Dealers Battletech Campaign
L5R Tournament


One Response to “New Game Store for Albuquerque!”

  1. Rob Derrick Says:

    I love the way the following pops up in the middle of the what to expect section:

    US Marine Corps Recruiters

    Slogan maybe?
    After real wargames, you’ll never go back!

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