Too Many Games?

Combined these two lists represent 42 unplayed or underplayed games I own.  That’s more games than the entire size of my collection back in 1987 when I moved to New Mexico.  Back then I owned about 2 dozen games, and boy – did they get played!

Now I own over 300 games, and as you’d expect, they just don’t all get played that much.  While I am a collector, I am more of a player.  Owning games does give me some joy.  I like reading the rules, inspecting the pieces, and preparing player aids.  But ultimately a game needs playing for me to truly appreciate it.

The shelves are getting full again, and I am beginning to consider what I will purge.


One Response to “Too Many Games?”

  1. Alex Says:

    Some very good games in there. However there is no such thing as owning too many games unless you do not have the room…

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