Obama jostles my gaming schedule

President Obama was in town Monday evening this week.  I noticed when it took me 50 minutes to get to my destination Monday night.  Normally my commute is 15-20 minutes.  Fortunately I was finally able to arrive, and as it happened one of the other players was also delayed.

We had intended to play the new Agricola expansion: Farmers of the Moor.  But with the late start and the need to parse rules we demurred, and we shifted to a known game,  Primordial Soup

Years ago someone brought the first German edition, Ursuppe, to my house a couple of times.  The game club played it to generally good reviews.  But I missed both sessions.  Years later I have finally discovered this gem, playing it 3 times so far in 2010.

But I will add that I did not enjoy Primordial Soup as much the second time I played.  On that second play we had added the 5-6 player expansion.  This really burdened the game with longer waits for your turn, and a lot more gene cards to be considered.  This week we played the base game with 4 players, and it really clicked well for me.

In our game I decided to seek movement advantage.  I grabbed Movement 1 right away, and I did not spawn a third amoeba initially.  This gave me the cash to invest in more genes more quickly.  I got the gene which makes movement free, and then I upgraded to Movement 2.  I found this combo amazingly good.  While other players got some cool genes, I was generally able to travel on the board to wherever I needed for feeding.  Inevitably I did have a few amoebas die, but I ensured my survivors were on hand to enjoy the new food source.

I pretty much had my way in our game, and the other players took note of my success.  I am sure they will strive to prevent me from doing this same combo again in the future.  After this game of Primordial Soup, I find myself very happy that I was able to grab a copy of this fun game off the prize table at our Game Fandango earlier this month.


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