McMulti & the Eagles

From Desperado:

“You’re losin’ all your highs and lows
Ain’t it funny how the feeling goes away?”

So we played McMulti tonight.  First time at the club, and one of the players requested the “variant”.  While still fun, I ultimately felt the variant was a mistake.  In the original game rules, and the way I’ve played both times prior to this session, there is a game mechanic that whenever anyone rolls doubles the economic situation immediately changes.  This can cause some abrupt changes between any single player’s turns.

The variant, stops this from happening.  Instead the game is much more stately in its economic game changes.  In the variant, a marker is put in the middle of the game board set at 6.  Whenever any die on the pair rolled is a 6 or higher, the marker is degraded down to a 5.  Then, when a 5 is up, it degrades down to a 4, whenever any de rolled is 5 or higher.  etc.  If BOTH dice are equal to or higher than the marker, then the economic situation changes.

While the variant does stabilize the economic situation, I was less convinced it really helped the game.  We sat around discussing the game for several minutes.  We agreed to play again, but with the original rules next time.  Not bad for a game published in 1988.  It has held up well. 

We did take some issue with the final turn rules, which seems to favor the player going out to a high degree.  We’re contemplating ignoring the rule that players can only sell activated buildings after the player has declared their winning cash level (1 Billion Deutschmarks).  Another suggestion was to prevent the player from freely selling off his buildings on the turn he declares. 

So we may still tinker with the ending,  But the heart of the game is very good.  I am glad I bought this expensive and rare game.


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