A pending project and a few new games

I was excited to see another 1825 enthusiast uploaded a nice set of company charters and artwork for tokens.  I have produced the new company charters on 110-lb cardstock.  They look great!  But I have not yet gotten the tokens done.  I bought an 1846 game from Deep Thought Games earlier this year, and have really admired their wooden station tokens.  So I contacted Deep Thought Games, and the proprietor is sending me 300 of the wooden plugs he uses.  (Nickel a piece – seemed like a reasonable charge.)  Oddly, finding a 7/16″ hole punch/circle cutter proved to be an impossibility.  After some scouring of the internet I did find a 1/2″ hole punch, but worried that it might lap over the edges of the 1/2″ tokens.  So I found a 12mm hole punch, which ought to be ideal.  Once the tokens arrive I will get the project complete!

Some new games have arrived.  One of them is actually an old game, and will merit its own entry on the blog.  But pictures must be taken first.  I now own Giants – the game Rob taught me at our recent game party.  Something about the game and its quirky theme haunted me.

I also received a shipment from Poland this week, with my copy of Boże Igrzysko, the Polish language edition of God’s Playground, expanded for up to 4 players.  Sadly, I am now thinking that getting this was a mistake.  After comparing the original Treefrog edition to the Polish game, I am finding it hard to want to shift over to the Polish copy.  While it is a reasonably nice edition, it does not have the lovely wooden tiles used in the original Treefrog edition.  Further the board is a 10-piece puzzle cut, not my favorite technique.  The map has been redrawn, but the cheerful yellow colors of the first edition are the one I find more appealing.  So, instead of punching and playing this 4-p edition, I am cribbing as many notes as I can from it, and will leave it unpunched for maximum trade value.  I suspect someone will snap it up, as importing it from Poland was not cheap.


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