Sorting Memoir

Today I decided to prep for a big game of Memoir ’44.  I have nearly every expansion for this game, and a quick order to the online game store means I’ll soon be caught up completely.  A few months ago I bought a collection from a fellow who was getting out of Memoir.  This made it easy to “catch up”.  With my recent purchase, I now will have pretty much two of everything released, apart from the special big maps – where a single copy seems plenty.

I have divided the game into two campaign bags, one Axis and the other Allied.  I do wish my Axis bag was gray instead of pea green – but I have not yet gone to the effort of dying it.  (It would still have American marking on it…)

On one level it is sort of insane to have this much Memoir game material – I only play it once a year.  But it is now a tradition, and I do rather enjoy sifting through the materials.  I may even consider how I could play it in a linked series sometime.  So gentle reader, do you have any interest in playing a series of Memoir games?


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