3 older games arrive

I know a guy in Germany who sells used board games.  Once upon a time I was a regular customer.  But over the years I have slowed down.  Earlier this year I got the urge to participate in his online auctions again.  So I bid on Palermo, an obscure race game from 1992 that I was interested in.  As it happened, I didn’t get any competition, and I eventually won his going once, going twice, sold method of running his auction.  Unfortunately, instead of running his auction every two weeks as I had recalled he seemed to do it about once a month or even every 6 weeks. 

Compounding my wait, I decided to then bid on a couple other older games from his extensive list: Odysseus and Big Deal.  I also won these for the opening bid, but they took an extra cycle to clear.  Shipping from Germany takes roughly a month, so roughly 5 months after my initial bid, the box showed up today.  I had forgotten about it!


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