Clippers redux


Quite a long time ago I played Clippers at a convention, (Gulf Games).  I recall I enjoyed it more than I had expected.  I had previously played Santa Fe Rails, which is largely the same game, but the experience was not as much fun.  I am told both of these descend from an earlier game called Santa Fe – which I have never seen or played.

Recently I decided to try my hand at a Math Trade on BGG.  Despite hearing about them for a long time, I had previously never been too enticed to try them out.  But I finally bestirred myself enough to list a couple of games I was done with.  Wind River found a new owner, and of all the games I indicated I would trade for, Clippers was the one I was awarded.  I suppose I traded down – but I am satisfied to trade a game I didn’t especially like for one I think I will enjoy playing a bit more of.  This particular copy of Clippers was in the shrink-wrap, and in perfect condition.

I have now unpacked it, punched it out and read the rules.  It is now in the library ready to be played.


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