10 Plays

Last night Hansa Teutonica hit the table for the tenth time at the Bistro Game Night.  This game is holding up surprisingly well.  I’ve come to realize that it is not destined to be a “10” for me, but it is a solid “8”.  I happened to be the first player in our game, and predictably went for the action track.  I was allowed to steadily march all the way up to 5 actions.  Once I had ample actions I started chasing down bonus discs and building a network on the board.  All in all, I was allowed to basically do as I wished, which meant I won handily.  Which is perhaps the weak point of this game.  Players MUST understand the game, and must hassle the right player. 

What I *do* like about Hansa Teutonica is the opacity of how to find the best path to success.  Getting additional actions is probably critical-but I am still eager to play more, where I start later in the cycle and cannot easily get my additional actions early.  I’d like to see how a fewer-action strategy might work most efficiently, and this will probably take a few more plays to reveal itself to me.

Earlier this week I finally tried Wind River.  A forgettable game from the same publisher of Hansa Teutonica.  I had bought it solely on the hope that the publisher was the next new hidden delight.  Not so much – but at least they published Hansa Teutonica.


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