Two nights – two Train Games!

Sunday night was a 3p game of 1846.  Good game, very enjoyable.  Introduced it to one of the players as her first full introduction to 18xx.  Not sure she loved it, but she hung in there, and when we called the game (just a tiny bit early – I tried to break the bank, but a late train purchase extended it – we ended the game due to time with just 200-300 left in the bank – well, she won!  In fact, the spread between all three players was less than $40.  Close!

Monday night was a time-measured game of 1829 Mainline.  Four of us played, and I once again came close, but not quite a win, getting nosed out by $50 or so.  1829 Mainline is amusing for all the normal protocols of 18xx it breaks.  The train progression remains, but lay as much yellow track in a turn as you like, upgrade any tile to any color as you wish, shuffle the share cards and deal them out to the players as a “hand”, allowing them to be purchased whenever that player finds convenient…  However, I did insert a variant rule – last time we played this game, I was horrified by how few share dealing rounds were played.  So I monkeyed with the progression.  Normally 3 Operating Rounds are to be played between SDR’s.  Instead we played that we did 1 OR until the first 3 train was purchased.  Then 2 SDRs until the first 4E was purchased, and then 3 ORs from there on.

This variant meant we got in at least 2 more SDRs in our time-limit game.  I liked that, as the SDRs are a real highlight of the game.  But the reduced ORs meant we had less cash to spend.  In 1829 a pass means drawing a random share from the deck, and refusing to buy it.  This meant we flipped a lot of cards due to low funding.  Not a flaw in the variant, but definitely a ramification.

So after two evenings of 18xx sorts of games, I am still eager for more!


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