Invaders from Moongha

This week we finally got Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth played.  It was great fun!  The game is a bit more serious than the whimsical title would lead you to believe.

Theme:  Plenty present.  Each of the four players is a mad scientist.  At the beginning of the game we each are assigned a couple of cities of the world where we base our secret HQ.  We would prefer that these cities not be reduced to rubble.  But the rest of the world…  utter annihilation is our goal!  And we have a large stable of Atomic Monsters to deploy.  Every monster has a “OO” spelling – The MOOGRE, the BLOOB, and several others I am having trouble recalling at this late hour.

Some of these monsters are able to destroy cities, while others, like KIDOO are relatively minor.  Some improve you ability to move around on the board, others are wimps in battle, but worth lots of points if able to skulk in the lonely shadows of the rubble.  In fact the monsters have so much chrome, it took us most of the first game to get a feel of how you might use the various monsters.

Moongha Invaders uses a liberal amount of dice – so it reminded me of old Milton Bradley Gamemaster games in a small way.  But there is also an area-majority game, trying to deploy your rubble markers for maximum points.  One of our players was threatening to end the game early as she leveled block after block of the world’s cities.

Our initial reaction was good, with hopes that this game might even improve with more plays.  Right now, this is a game that I am eager to play again.  The novelty factor is high, and I am amused.


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