New to me in 2010

We’re closing in on the mid-point of 2010, so I thought I might write about the new games I’ve actually played this year (as opposed to collected).

According to my records there are 23 new games I’ve played for the first time in 2010.

World Without End – Rob taught this to me in January.  With only one play, all I can say is that I enjoyed it, and generally thought it was better than Pillars of the Earth, which preceded it.  Now if we are speaking of the books, I will voice my preference for the original…

Rush ‘n Crush – Alex introduced me to this race game meets Car Wars experience.  I didn’t like it much.  It seemed to be neither a race game nor a combat game.  Some interesting ideas, but it didn’t draw me in.

Piece ‘O Cake – A filler, and a nice filler at that.  I would happily play some more of it.  But I doubt I buy a copy.

Neue Heimat – Provocative game, and one I have been playing quite a bit of.  One of these games where the game is more in your head than on the board.  With 5 plays now under my belt, my enthusiasm is slipping, but I still am very pleased to own and occasionally play this game.

Minos – Older game that Zack kindly taught me how to play.  Eh.  Cool theme and materials, but a bit plodding and nothing terribly original to draw me to further explore.

Stonghold – Just the sort of game I like and ought NOT to buy.  It’s really a 2p wargame.  I would be happy to play more of this, but 95% of my gaming is multi-player.

Shipyard – After four plays, I was done.  I sold my copy.  I would play again if asked – I did not hate the game.  But it annoyed me in a few minor ways. 

The Climbers – I’m 4 plays in, and still reasonably enthused.  It works well on my heavy-duty lazy Susan, it is a visually interesting game, and it has more substance in strategy than you might initially think.

Wars of the Roses – I played once, decided I would buy a copy, and have not played on my copy yet.  Euro game mechanics with a war theme.  I should store it by Wallenstein and Im Zeichen des Kreuz.  Fun games I almost never play due to the hybrid war/Euro status.

BasketBoss – Nice lighter Euro.  I like the sports-theme, and it plays quickly.  I’m hoping for a couple more plays this year.

1825 (unit 2) – Feels odd to list this one.  I’ve been playing other units of 1825 for a while now.  I am a fan, and have recently thrown all my 1825 stuff together into a common pool.  My intent is to do multi-unit games going forward attempting to get enough playing space for everyone to be quickly able to run a company.

Tobago – I’ve just played once, and had fun.  I’m unsure if it will hold up for me yet.

Vasco de Gama – I enjoyed my sole play, but it did seem a bit over wrought.  I’d be happy to give it another shot, but I won’t be buying this one.

Dixit – Very well done, beautiful game – in a genre I don’t care for.

The Three Musketeers – Probably a flawed game from a strategy point of view.  But boy-o has this game got theme!  I love it.  Polarizing game.  My strategy-minded gamer friends have not been too keen.  But my role-player friends have loved it.  I’ve played 7 games so far in 2010.

Primordial Soup – Older Euro that I finally tried this year.  I loved it!  Not sure if the second or more plays will be as fresh – so I will hold off buying until I play a couple more times.

Inotaizu – Clever, clever, clever.  I have not decided yet if I really love it. But I do think it is a good game with a brilliant theme.

Stuff Yer Face – Creepy Clown Fun…

Timber Tom – As Michael said, it is just wonderful for the folk art value.  Family level of game play, but I love that now and then.

Hansa Teutonica – Clever, Clever, Clever – and this one I do know that I love it.  I’m 4 plays in and still eager for more.

The Master of the Merchant of Sakai – I’m unsure if this one will be a hit.  First play was interesting, but I need more plays to solidify my opinion.

Kassen – Only played this 2-player.  It worked and was quick fun.  Reminded me a lot of Auf Heller und Pfenig by Knizia.  I suspect the chaos of additional players will both add interest and frustration to the game.

Biskle – Chester brought over his new generation flicking game.  There was nothing wrong with it, but since I own 2 sets of Carabande, I see no need to get it, and when I want to play a flicking race game, I’ll continue to play Carabande.  But of course the real king is Crokinole for a flicking game…

Oh – how could I forget… Kineti-Go – A game everyone seems to be enjoying for the novelty of playing with magnets.  I’m not entirely convinced, but I will likely hang on to it due to its novelty factor, and its large size.

So that’s what’s new with me – how about you?


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