Carcassonne is a game that has enjoyed tremendous success.  It won the coveted German Game of the Year award for 2001.  We were fortunate enough to be able to play it as early as 2000, and for years it was played a lot by the Bistro Players.

But it is now 10 years old, and no longer fresh and new.  We hardly ever play it anymore.  But I recently bought the iPhone app Carcassonne game, and after a few plays on my phone, I was inspired to pull down my Carcassonne set.

I ended up throwing out a number of my expansions for Carcassonne.  I had collected a bunch.  I ditched the Count of Carcassonne, The “King”, from King and Scout,  The Princess and the Fairy, most materials from The Tower, the Rivers I & II, some special tiles from magazines, and a couple of expansions I never even tried:  Abbey and Mayor and also The Catapult.

My Carcassonne set is now composed of the original 60 tiles, the tiles from the first expansion (Simply named “The Expansion” on my set, although I think it was renamed “Inns and Cathedrals” later on) and the second expansion (Traders and Builders), and the four Cathar tiles.  That’s it!  I did keep the actual tile rack from the Tower expansion – easily the best part of that expansion.  So I tossed the box for The Tower, and it all fits nicely in the original box again.

One huge problem that Carcassonne gradually acquired was that with so many expansions available, the tile count became too great, and the overburden of new rules saddled what was once a brilliantly clear game down with too much chrome.

So now, I have a Carcassonne set that better suits my tastes.  The open question is if we actually play it again at the club – or if I just continue to play an ocassional game on my phone.


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