Some games leave, some others arrive

This month I did another game auction over on BGG.  Outgoing from the collection:

Union Pacific – A very nice game, but one I’ve consumed my interest in.

The Stock Car Championship Game – A somewhat hard game to find, so I had held on to it for years.  But I finally realized it is the sort of race game I don’t really like (card game, and no spatial positioning, no board to study).

Grand Prix – The older Ravensburger one.  I’ve played it a few times, but felt like it had some fatal flaws.  Once you get ahead, it is pretty much guaranteed you can arrange to stay ahead.

Pitstop – It was requested by my buyer for Grand Prix, and so I decided to let it go.  Never played it all that much.  The amount of set up and the ability to break the game by making the course too long lowered my enthusiasm for it.

Conflict of Heroes– A game I never played but for one episode.  In theory this is a fun game.  But in reality, I almost never play 2-player war games.  On the rare occasions I do, I tend to like the larger scale games – operational or grand strategy.

Hacienda – The rare 2-player Christmas Tree edition.  I never did play this copy.

Lieber Bairisch Sterben – A Karl-Heinz Schmiel game I never did play.  Looked cool, but the rules were just too much.

Box of Golf – A bit too simple to catch my interest.  This one is going to Zack, who has quite the collection of golf games.

Incoming/Recently Arrived Games:

McMulti – A grail game that I am very pleased with.  Fabulous production to a well-built, if older school game.  You can see how Settlers of Catan could have been influenced by this. 

Hansa Teutonica – The newest delight of the game club.  I am pleased to have a copy for the collection, and will enjoy playing more of this entertaining game.

1846 – We played this recently to mixed review.

Timber Tom – A big hit with everyone who has encountered it.

Kineti-Go – Giant wooden shuffleboard cousin that uses magnets.  Amusing, and good for 10 minutes of fun for everyone who tries it.

Moongha Invaders – A very silly looking monsters invade the Earth game, from Martin Wallace of all people.

1861 – Another 18xx game.  Not here yet.  I played this once last year.  I was of mixed emotions about it.  I initially enjoyed myself, but as the game went on I became impatient.  But this may have been more to do with some external circumstances.  Worth trying again.  It’s limited availability nudged me into getting a copy while I could.

Palermo – Coming soon from Germany.  If my bids hold,I will also get Odysseus and Big Deal.  So three obscure older German games to explore.

Panzergruppe Guderian – I blame Tim for this one.  When he was coming around for more 2p games he introduced me to this one, and I was enchanted.  Now I’ll own a copy.  The trick will be getting it played.

I’m now oficially sick of going to the post office to mail games.  So I predict a period of gradual addition to the collection.


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