Timber Tom

Timber Tom arrived about a week ago.  We’ve played it 3 times, to a very warm reception.  It is obviously a labor of love from its author/publisher.


(Sorry, picture removed due to bandwith issues)


As you can see, the game is about hiking.  You have a hiking figure (Timber Tom) who navigates the pegboard.  Players plant trees around opponents to hinder their movement.  There are special helicopter sites, supply shacks, and all sorts of nicely crafted markers and tiles used in the game.

It’s not really all that strong of a strategy game.  But it is VERY PLEASING.  And there is a valid game present.  You need to have some strategies around how you will use your helicopter resources, when and where to use your supply tokens and axes, and when you plan (if you intend) to resupply.

Each time the game has been played it has provided a tight race.  Players are trying to be the first back to base camp with 2 treasures.  You get a treasure by climbing to the top of a mountain on the 3D board.  There are four different treasure-bearing mountains.  So you could in theory have a longer game.  But 2 treasures seems about the right length.

My friend Michael described the game as fabulous folk art.  I agree!


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