After the sale

The sale is over, and I am pleased that most everything sold.

Here’s what is leaving the collection, and a few parting remarks about these games:

  • Anno 1503 – I did enjoy this game.  It was probably best as a 2-player, getting progressively too slow as you added more players.  At one point I liked it enough to buy the expansion, and translate it from German into English.
  • The American Goldrush 1849 – My fascination with Jean du Poel games is largely over.  This one had a great theme, but not nearly enough game play to keep me interested.
  • Air Empire – At one point I had collected all of the earliest Avalon Hill games.  This one lasted much longer than the wargames.  But I realized a while ago I am the only one who wanted to play older business games around here, and I gave up hope of ever really enjoying this as a game.
  • Cape Horn – A somewhat fun race game.  But I have better race games I always wish to play before this one.
  • Cobra – Chili Spiel had impressed me with 2 knock out games.  But this one was unimpressive, and I passed it on without ever playing it.
  • Das Hornberger Schiessen – Redundant.  With Neue Heimat in my collection, I cannot see opting for this.  Also, Neue Heimat is a boardgame, where this is just a cardgame.
  • Linie 1 – I thought I liked this more than I do.  We played it somewhat recently, after a long hiatus.  It was rather dull.  The shine was off this one.
  • Louis XIV – I really should have played this.  But I suppose I will play someone else’s copy someday.  If not, not a big loss.  The theme didn’t really grab me.
  • Management – Another old AH business game that I realized was just taking up space around here.
  • Maya – Not a bad game, but nothing that really inspired me to play.
  • Minister – Tough theme for Americans to bond with.  This sort of game – where you make lots of little decision, that add up to more than you might guess – is not generally appreciated with my usual players.
  • Route 66 – Rather bad game that I bought because it was by the author of Ave Caesar, and it is the name of the local highway.  Probably haven’t played this in ten years.  Won’t miss it.
  • Schoko & Co. – Early German business game I really was keen to try.  We played once, and realized that it had been surpassed.  I’d much prefer to play Power Grid or Planet Steam.
  • Shipyard – Newer game that I was having trouble bonding with.  Some of the Bistro Players will be sad I got rid of it.  But I generally only keep games that I want to play.
  • Spanish Main – I love Francis Tresham.  He gave the world the games of Civilization and the genre of 18xx.  I bought both the first and second editions of Spanish Main.  But there just isn’t enough good game play in the box.
  • We the People – I never did play this copy.  I have owned this before, and played it, and sold it.  I bought it again after enjoying Hannibal.  But I have since bought Washington’s War.  I believe I only need one game for this theme.
  • White Lady – Pretty lithography.  Horrible game.
  • Das Zeitungsspiel – I never did play this.  A newspaper themed version of Kunst Stucke.  More clever than fun, was my read on Kunst Stucke.  Time to let this one go too.
  • And here is what didn’t attract a bid:

  • Doctor Who: The Interactive Electronic Board Game – Well, the Tardis is cool, and I can’t say I am shocked no one wanted it.
  • Domino Knobelspass – It’s a puzzle, so I am not surprised it didn’t get much interest.  I do occasionally play with it.  So it isn’t really a burden to give it some shelf space.
  • Game of Politics – A real oddity, and I’m not at all unhappy to still own it.
  • Sindbad – This game is not so good.  It has a bit of amusement in it, but I doubt we play it again anytime soon.
  • Source of the Nile – This was a spare copy, and a beat up one at that.  I will play out of this copy if I ever get this game on the table.
  • So – all in all, I got some funds, which I have turned around and ordered some limited edition games from Japan with.  Will I like them?  Stay tuned and see!


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