Game Sale

I have just started a game sale list over on BGG.  This will hopefully be good-bye to the following games:

  • Anno 1503
  • The American Goldrush 1849
  • Air Empire
  • Cape Horn
  • Cobra
  • Doctor Who: The Interactive Electronic Board Game
  • Domino Knobelspass
  • Game of Politics
  • Das Hornberger Schiessen
  • Linie 1
  • Louis XIV
  • Management
  • Maya
  • Minister
  • Route 66
  • Schoko & Co.
  • Shipyard
  • Sindbad
  • Source of the Nile
  • Spanish Main
  • We the People
  • White Lady
  • Das Zeitungsspiel

These are all games that pretty much never get played.  They are also all games I would play if there was a glimmer of interest.  But generally they are older games, which never have much chance against newer games with nicer components and better presentations.

By selling these off, I will refill my discretionary fund, and start bringing in a few newer games when they trip my trigger.  And if they don’t sell – then I won’t be too broke up.  There’s not any game here I would be ashamed to play.


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