And they’re off!

Last Monday we started a new linked series of race games.  The plan is to have seven different automobile race games played, where each player has a roster of drivers who win victory points. 

Our first race was on the old Ravensburger game, Grand Prix.  This is a game where each player has three cars under his control.  Every turn the active player assigns a move of 7 to one car, a move of 6 to a second car and his last car only moves 5.  Complicating things is the narrowing of the track, the blocking in the turns, and the ability to get a free move of 3 (slipstreaming) on the straights.  Should a car not be able to take its full move, it must move to the side of the road, and may eventually come back onto the roadway.

Grand Prix has some problems as a game, but I decided to have it be our first event, as it did neatly allow each of us to start with 3 drivers on our roster.  Our next event will be the ancient old Hans im Glueck game, PS.  PS also allows neatly for 3 drivers per team.

After these first two events we will move onto other race games where the players can only field two drivers.  Eventually we will move on to other race games where we each only have 1 driver.  We have named our drivers, and I will track the victory points for their finishing order.  When we reduce down to 2 drivers available, each team will drop his bottom ranked driver.  Ditto for when we reduce down to the final 4 drivers.  Eventually we will have a sole winner of the series.

We did this years ago, playing several different auto race games.  We also did a hodgepodge of non-auto race games (bikes, boats and chariots).  For years we have done Formula De series, and we continue to enjoy doing this.  But for the current series we will omit Formula De, in favor of playing some of the rest of my collection of race games.


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