Goodbye Kingmaker!

Saturday four of us gathered to play Wars of the Roses.  This was my 2nd play, Chester’s 2nd play, Tim’s first play, and I’d guess Alex’s 3rd or 4th play.  As expected, Alex won.  But I had a wonderful time, and I believe the other players did as well.

Years ago I was introduced to Kingmaker – and it was a game that really enticed me.  Wonderful heraldry, marshalling of forces, mercenaries, colorful events – it seemed like a wonderful game.  Truth be told I owned the game in a couple different forms for far more years than I got plays out of the copies.  Say 15 years of ownership for maybe 2 plays?  Pitiful.

Upon my first play of Wars of the Roses, I knew I would never want to play Kingmaker again.  So I sold them for a song to a BGG user who is a self-named Kingmaker fan.  I think he was thrilled to get the first edition from England, and in the mix I also included the AH 2nd edition as also the 1st edition of Game Workshop’s Warrior Knights (which I felt was a Kingmaker re-do).

I did dawdle about buying Wars of the Roses.  Chester gave me pause when he dissed it after his first play.  But after thinking about it, Chester surprised me and bought a copy.  SO I am less sure why I thought I needed to buy my copy, as I am most likely to play with folks who already own it.  But nonetheless I am pleased to own the game.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  Truly a joy to behold.

I have this suspicion that my copy will never see that many plays.  But I am hoping to be proven wrong.


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