Games Played

Monday night four of us played Greyhounds.  We had a lot of fun playing the game.  As I mentioned in an entry recently, this is an asymmetric game.  I started the game with a pile of money, but as the bookie, I was on the hook for all the payouts – for the dogs who won the race, and the players who won their bets. 

The dynamic was great.  The other three players got to rail against the corrupt bookie, and I played it to the max.  The movement system gives the bookie some control in preventing the better dog from winning, and giving a big move to an underdog.  At least at first.  In the second race, the longer duration (2 laps) made this harder, and by the third race (3 laps) this ability to jack the results mostly slid away.

Upon reflection, I suspect the bookie would have to be golden in the first two races to win the game.  I think the third game is pretty much on rails, and the bookie can only really hedge his bets by setting up some sort of confusion with the rankings.

Even so, I came in second.  More importantly everyone at the table had a great time.

Tuesday night we played Giro d’Italia.  A friend brought it over, and so I was happy to play it, but I admit to thinking it wasn’t my first choice for the game I wanted to play that evening.  A few months ago I played Leader 1 a few times.  Initially I was impressed.  But as we continued to play it, I began to lose enthusiasm for it.  In our games of Leader 1, I had come to a conclusion that the first 2/3rds of the race were irrelevant.

But in our game of Giro d’Italia (which is an identical game to Leader 1, just in a pink box), one of the players broke away very early, and managed to stay well ahead of the peloton the entire race.  In fact he almost won.  On the final straight, one other player managed to nose past him to steal the victory.

So I ended up re-evaluating the game up.  I still don’t intend to add it to my collection.  But I really enjoyed the game, and will be more open to future plays.


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