Greyhounds & 6p gaming

Attendance at the Bistro has been vibrant this year.  This week had 15 people playing games, the week before was 13.  Since I have three tables, we are running near capacity, and a few regulars have been missing lately.  I can add a fourth table, but lighting may be an issue.  One side effect of good attendance is we tend to get more 6p games.  Which is okay, there are enough to have a decent game selection.  But it also means roughly 2/3rds of my collection doesn’t apply.

Oh, I am thrilled to have a vibrant game night.  But I do occasionally get stymied on trying one of my games that I was hoping to play.  I’m much more concerned that everyone get in a game they want to play.  But I admit I sometimes wish I could get a different game out.

To whit, I reacquired Greyhounds earlier this year.  This is a game that I apparently traded away too quickly on its first tour through my library.  I found myself wanting to give it another try, so I bought a used copy from Funagain Games.


Upon re-examination, I am enticed to try the “advanced” game.  This is a betting game.  But the advanced game sets up an asymmetric playing field which sounds interesting.  One player is the Bookie, who gets $24,000 to start.  The other players only get $6,000.  Each race the bets are mandatory, and all wagers are given to the Bookie.  The Bookie then tries to jigger the race to avoid paying out too many winning bets.  The Bookie also has to pay finishing purses for the top 3 dogs.

I hope to play it sometime.  Of course, it only plays 4…


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