Spice Navigator

This week had one new game added to the collection…  Spice Navigator.  Which is really a roughly 10-year-old game, which I finally tracked a copy down.


I played this once, maybe 5 years ago?  I recalled it was a clever idea but wrapped in a game that had bungled some rules.  But nonetheless, a game which has you trying to identify spices by sniffing unmarked canisters seems to offer unique game possibilities.  So, this weekend I whipped up some variant rules for it, and I now will have to convince the Bistro players to give this one a whirl.

Saturday somehow cleared itself enough for me to schedule a game of 1825.


Unfortunately one of the players cancelled at the last moment, but three of us still played.  We played Unit 2 of 1825, the only unit in the set I had not yet played.  I found this to be a very interesting track-laying game.  I played with Alex, who is turning out to be our 18xx guru, and Kyle, who has played very little of this genre.  Alex suggested playing a handicapped game, where the experienced players docked their starting funds by some amount.  In our game, Kyle got the standard 800 pounds sterling amount.  I took only 700 pounds, and Alex took 600 pounds.  When the dust had settled, I won with a net worth of roughly 7,800, and Alex and Kyle were closer to 7,100.  So, I don’t know whether this really counts as a victory, but it made for a tightly fought game, with the outcome in real doubt until the final reckoning.

I am finding my taste in 18xx games is more towards what happens on the game board, and less on what is possible on the tally board.  I rather like that my net worth cannot be trashed by another player’s actions.  1830 is still a favorite of mine, but it may turn out not to be my all time favorite.  These 1825 games have the possibility of rising in my ratings – assuming I can continue to get them played.



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