Washington’s War and 2p gaming


Washington’s War arrived this past week.  I ordered it over a year ago, and now that it is here, I no longer have my regular 2-player opponent for wargames.  Nevertheless, I did rip it open, punched the counters, and read the rules.  Seems like a worthy game, and a nice refinement to the earlier We the People, (which I also own).  Along with Hannibal, I have some fine card-driven-wargames that I would enjoy playing more of.

In general, two-player gaming is a rarity for me.  I had a couple years where a friend was constantly coming by, wanting to play wargames and other 2p games.  But that ended about a year ago, and I now find almost my entire gaming time is devoted to multi-player gaming.

Some 2p wargames I would enjoy playing:

  • Crusader Rex
  • Hammer of the Scots
  • Napoleon (the first three are block games)
  • Washington’s War/We the People
  • Hannibal  (these three are card-driven games)
  • A House Divided

But I suspect this wing of my collection will mostly collect dust.


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