Basketboss & Tobago


2 new games up to bat!

BasketBoss is a Cwali game – which unfortunately means it is to be viewed with some suspicion.  I adore StreetSoccer from this publisher/game author, but no other games have ever worked out for me from Cwali.  BasketBoss looks cute, simple and speedy.  I’m hoping to break the streak of let downs.

Tobago – is a strategy game from Zoch.  I’ve really been having fun with the Chili Spiele games of late.  Chili Spiele has published 3 games so far – 2 of which I have tried – and both of which I liked a lot.  Why mention them?  Because Chili Spilele is the game arm of Zoch for games that are too complicated for his main game company.  Tobago is a Zoch game, but clearly not just one of his children’s games, nor a dexterity game.  When I heard it compared to Old Town, I knew I needed to try it.  Old Town was a game I tried in 2004, and while it was exploring some interesting game space (inductive reasoning) I never felt like I was able to apply much skill to the game.  Tobago is supposed to be a smoother implementation, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

I’m hoping to play these this week.


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