a boring statistical entry

I track my collection on Boardgamegeek.  According to their utility, I own 401 games!  Turns out 78 of these are expansions.  So that brings me down to 323 games.  Still, this seems a bit high until I consider some games I own that don’t sit on the shelf ready to be played:

Metagaming and Steve Jackson Games Microgames/Pocket Games – By my count there are 29 of them.  That pulls me down to 294 games.

Classic Games and vintage “Game Art” pieces – 13 games that I don’t generally count as part of the playing collection.  (Classic games like Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes and Mahjong; or vintage games I own to display such as Contack, Flinch, Hendrik Van Loon’s Wide World Game, Huggin’ the Rail, Risk, Stampede, and Swastika).  Omitting these drops my playing collection down to 281 games.

Of the 281 games, the 2-player only games are a breed apart.  I have been looking more critically at them of late as almost 100% of my gaming is multiplayer.   Not counting the microgames mentioned above I come up with 34 games in my collection that are straight-up 2-player games.

So that leaves 247 games that are the heart of the library for social gaming.  Until I buy something else, of course…


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