and then what I really played

Over the past game party weekend I did play a number of games:

Friday night was a late arrival and even so I squeezed in a few games.

Tante Tarantel – Gave my gifts to Rob and to Kyle and Terry.  So we of course played it.  A very pleasant escape game!

Piece ‘o Cake– Rob introduced us to this charming game.  While quite fun, I don’t anticipate getting one for my collection.

Tanz der Hornochsen – Terry R. was kind enough to bring her unpunched copy of this chaotic but fun game.  We didn’t have the English rules handy, but fortunately between Rob and I we were able to teach the game nicely.  I continue to be pleased with this fun boardgame version of 6 nimmt.

Saturday was chocked full of games:

Zapp Zerapp – I taught this to Peggy, Terry H. and Kyle.  This was a fun game, and very well received by both the players and the onlookers.

Neue Heimat – I was pleased to receive this game literally the day we left for the game con.  I read the rules while most folks were busy in a Time’s Up game.  I then got a small group to play Neue Heimat.  Based on some remarks on BGG I removed the rooftops with no value from the game.  This was appreciated by Zack, who dislikes random screwage in games.  It played extremely well, and I saw Zack teaching it later on to a new group. 

Minos– Zack had brought Minos at my request, and I was pleased to finally try it out.  Pretty good, but it has fallen off my wish list.  I thought the turns tended to drag a bit, with nothing much to do while you waited.  I also felt like there was nothing but the competitors to hold back the leader from leaping further ahead each turn.  But this sounds harsh.  It was fun and didn’t really take all that long to play.  I would play again.

Cosa Nostra – I was keen to play a game with Lawrence’s daughters.  I had told Lindsey about Cosa Nostra a few months ago, so she recruited her sister and we enjoyed a fast and furious game of Cosa Nostra.

Stronghold – Alex and I were the only ones not in a game, so Alex asked me to play Stronghold.  I guess this game can take up to 4 players, but it is basically a 2p game.  I enjoyed it.  Seems like a rather busy game, with lots of different activities to pursue.  I would happily play it again, but considering it is basicallya  wargame, I will not buy a copy.  But if Alex asks I will play more of this!

Shipyard – Alex taught us Shipyard next and Chris and TG joined in.  This turned out to be a slow game.  But as it turned out, we got a couple key rules wrong.  I played this again on Tuesday night, and the game worked rather well.

Maestro – I taught Peggy and Rowan the game of Maestro.  Innocuous, it’s a game with a fun theme and lots of little decisions that add up to a bit more import than you initially guess.

Neue Heimat – I then taught Rowan, Terry H and TG the game that had been so well received earlier in the day.  This did not go over nearly as well.  I think Neue Heimat is a bit of a demanding game.  This coupled with the late hour and our general fatigue meant we stopped after one round.

Midnight Party – So what do you do when you are tired, but unwilling to go to bed?  Midnight Party!  Hugo romped through the house for 4 times, before we all made our good nights and retired to our respective rooms.

Sunday was the last day of gaming for Peggy and I:

Unspeakable Words – This is a simple word game that ties to the Cthulhu Mythos.  Fun, and quick.

Golfprofi – Ian, Rob, Chris and I swung through 18 holes.  Once again, Ian demonstrated his amazing skill at this game.  I was pleased to improve my handicap too.

Agricola (2x) – Peggy surprised me by wanting to play a heavier game, and agreed to give Agricola a whirl.  She liked it enough to ask that we play it again after dinner. 

Power Grid – In between the 2 Agricola games we played Power Grid.  Good old Germany map.  A tight contest that was won by Kyle, although TG gave him a good run for the money.

Time’s Up – I really do like this game.  But 16 players is just too much.

With a longish drive ahead of us, we simply packed up and departed Monday morning.  A great game con and much fun had.


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