Tomorrow night about 3 dozen gamers and associated families will gather for our “Juegos Rancheros”, a micro game con we throw for close friends.  We throw another event over Labor Day weekend called “The Game Fandango”.  The Fandango is slightly bigger with attendance running between 40 – 44 people.  Usually about 1/3 of the group is youngsters, and of the adults there are always a few who are not the hardcore gamers – happy to come and play a few games – but also happy to kick back, take a hike, or take part in a bardic circle.

But for me, and about another dozen or so, this is the high-water mark for gaming.  A few of us spend far too much time listing what games to bring in a database, and somehow convincing ourselves we will play all the games we bring.  Of course we never do – we play perhaps 20% of the games we bring.  So for fun, I will share my packing list:

Tante Tarantel/Igel Ärgern – A duo of children’s games that I recently imported.  I will bring two copies and leave with none.  Gifts to Kyle (belated Xmas gift) and my co-host Rob (just ‘cuz).  Of course I will still have one more copy back at home!

Little Amadeus Maestro – Another light game, and one I used to own in an earlier edition.  I’m hoping it will offer some fun.

An den Ufern des Nils – (On the Banks of the Nile) – An older game that Rob once showed me.  It had niggled at me, and so I decided I needed to get a copy for deeper inspection.  Not really a heavy game, but a bit more substantial than some.

Zapp Zerapp – Silly shaker fun.  I played this once in 2000, and agin recently.  I had more fun this last time than I did the first go.  I’m hoping to play this with some of the children.

Cosa Nostra – This is Parcheesi with drive by shootings.  I also hope to play this with some of the kids.

Golfprofi – Our traditional golf game.  I have gotten a lot of pleasure out of this game over the years, and it is great to see it requested by the other “golfers”.

El Grande – A favorite, and requested by Chris.  So it comes too.

Agricola – Another favorite, and also requested.  I don’t have the expansion, so I suspect my copy will be redundant and we will play another copy with their expansion.

Time’s Up – Requested by Peggy, so it’s gotta come!

Unspeakable Words – Another word game that the wordsmiths may not have yet discovered…  I had to buy it for the Cthulhu Mythos tie in.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – I’m actually bringing this to give back to its owner.  I would be happy to play it, but the reading of the rules was not overly inspiring.

à la carte – the beautiful new edition!  I’m excited to give it a try.  My old edition is now retired.

Strand Cup – 2 packs, actually.  Beach Volleyball in February in the mountains of New Mexico.  Why not?

Vom Kap bis Kairo – A nice little train race game that needs playing again.

Mu – I’m not too keen on Tichu, so I thought I’d pack the other card game people seem to like.

Dia de los Muertos – Being so close to Mexico, we have adopted the artwork style used in this game for our own motif.  Regardless this is an interesting game, and one I would like to play more of.

Giro Italia: The Cardgame – Leader 1 as a cad game.  I need to play this.

These last few are games I tossed in since I had some small room left.  There are a couple other games I am considering bringing:

Box of Golf – I was considering bring ing this until someone requested Golfprofi.  I may skip it.

Neue Heimat – Expected delivery tomorrow!  So if it is here when we leave, I will likely toss it in.  A Klaus Zoch game that is too complicated for his main game company…  But still a Zoch game, so surely it isn’t TOO complicated.  I have printed out the English rules, and will be ready to roll with it…

So I’m bringing 17-19 games.  Quite silly, as I have already talked about playing several other games that others are bringing:

Minos – A game I am curious about.  A Ravensburger game with nice graphic quality standards, and an appealing theme.  From the author of Shark (good) and Sindbab (eh).

Pond Hockey – Rob’s attempt to lead me away from StreetSoccer.  I bet I will like it.  I also bet I will stick with StreetSoccer.

Toledo – A Martin Wallace game I would enjoy trying.

Shipyard – Another game that Alex and I have bought at about the same time.  I will play on his copy and leave my new edition here at home.

Generally I play a lot of heavy games, and recently I have craved lighter games.  So I am not really looking for an 18xx this time around.  But we’ll see what happens.  I also want to play a few silly games with the non-hardcore gamers and children.

As fun as the event will be, the anticipation is also quite good!


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