2 new games

It took 6 weeks, but my order from Milan Spiele arrived this past week.  This was slightly annoying, not so much about the duration, but due to false expectations.

When I ordered the games from Milan Spiele, I saw they were to be shipped by DHL.  As it turned out Milan Spiele needed to wait on some stock, which was fine, and they handed off the parcel to DHL on Dec. 14th.  By the 16th, it appeared as if the parcel was ready to leave the country, and I began to get my hopes up that the games would be delivered before Christmas.

Of course they did not arrive, and I philosophically decided the process through DHL wasn’t as speedy as I had imagined.  Finally at the end of December the DHL web site was updated to show the parcel was departing Germany!  Ah-ha.  I was delayed by a Christmas holiday.  Oh well.

When the parcel had not arrived by mid January, I finally started seeking additional information.  This had to be the slowest delivery company service ever!  I chatted with a DHL rep, who then told me that although I had a DHL tracking number, he was unable to track it!  Turns out this is a service sold by DHL but executed by the German and USA post offices!

Once I learned this, I knew a 6-9 week delivery window was most likely.  Sure enough, about six weeks after Milan Spiele turned over the package for delivery, I received it.  I don’t really mind the longer wait.  But having DHL listed as the service company certainly threw me into a loop.  I will now regard DHL as a slow package processor just like the official post offices.

So the games…


I purchased 3 copies of Igel Ärgern/Tante Tarantel and 2 copies of a la carte.  I bought the extra copies as gifts, and foolishly promised one of them as a Christmas gift.  That didn’t work out so well!  But I am pleased to add these to my collection.  A la carte is a beautiful new edition, and will replace my 1st edition.  Igel/Tante is an upgrade for me, as I have never owned Tante.  But as it turns out I will still keep my 2nd edition of Igel as it has an extra different 5-column board.  At least that is the plan for now.

All of these games are very light.  I am seemingly needing a break from the heavier games.  My collecting of late is running more towards the lighter fare.  This month I have really enjoyed playing  Titan: The Arena, Snow Tails, Beowulf and Zapp Zerapp.  I have also added Maestro, Greyhounds,  And soon… Box of Golf and Dodge City to my collection.  Gaming at the Bistro has tended towards the heavy side in recent months.  But I think there are enough players who are happy to play these lighter games too.  I intend to find out!


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