For Haiti

As I have previously mentioned, I auctioned off 8 of my games on BGG, with the commitment that I would give any money received to charity, for the relief of Haiti’s earthquake victims.  I just wrote a check for $554 to my charity of choice.

So the following games have left my collection:

Automobile – a game I somewhat like, but not enough to continue owning.  Martin Wallace’s limited edition games are generally coveted by collectors, and I am pleased that this one sold for $150.

Tempus – Another Martin Wallace game that I sort of like, but won’t miss having in the collection.  Tempus sold for $50.

Eastfront – I was surprised by how little I enjoyed this game.  Tim and I tried it a couple times, but it never got a good flow going for us.  I remain a fan of Napoleon, and own and wish to play two other block games, Crusader Rex and Hammer of the Scots.  Eastfront sold for $60.

House of Whack – The designer of this game, André, played with our Game Bistro group for a year or so before moving away from Albuquerque.  When André published this game, I automatically purchased one.  Sadly it isn’t my sort of game, so auctioning it off for charity seemed a thoughtful way of having it leave my collection.  House of Whack sold for $27.

18EZ – Alex became very interested in this game while it was still in prototype.  He and I played a couple times, hopefully helping it become a better product.  When Drew finally published it, I was pleased to purchase a copy in support of any company releasing new 18xx type games.  But honestly, I will always prefer to play a few other 18xx games before this one, so auctioning it off for charity was a good plan for this game.  18EZ sold for $100.

History of the World – I have a lot of great memories from playing this game.  But the designers recently released a shortened version called A Brief History of the World, and I cannot see me going back to the older version.  If I do, I will be happy to play on someone else’s copy.  HotW sold for $37.

Troisdorf – This is a special limited edition of the game Alhambra.  Jay Tummelson gave it to me years ago, and we never did get around to playing it.  I was pleased to turn Jay’s gift into a $100 for Haitian relief.

Cleopatra – This is a game that I liked well enough, but no one ever requested to play it.  So it was destined to leave the collection.  Cleopatra sold for $30.

In the process of auctioning my 8 games, I had several other BGG members ask to, and then list, several other games to auction for charity.  The site admins agreed to give an incentive to the bidders, and posted the auction at the top of the news section for a few days.  When the dust had cleared, the entire auction list had raised $1,622.50.  Pretty cool!  In addition some of the donors mentioned they would be giving to charity programs where their employer would match their gift!

So this little effort probably resulted in $2000 of aid given to various Haitian relief charities.

All the games are en route to their new owners, and I am also awaiting a game I purchased from one of the other donors.  Box of Golf will be arriving sometime in the future.  I will write about it in a future post.


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