Games Played

Monday night had the usual foursome back together.  Chris had left his copy of Endeavor at Rick’s house, who taught it to Gary during our absence.  So we played it with everyone having some prior experience.  I’m rather impressed with this game so far.  The development tree is interesting, but at the same time the board play demands attention.  Balancing how to manage all your needed attributes and board positions is so far eluding me – but it is fun trying!

We finished up Monday night’s session with the ever popular Bohnanza.  Great game that has endured extremely well over the years.

Tuesday night was a banner night for The Game Bistro.  At one point we had 14 people playing!  I played Snow Tails with Sally, Michael, Tiffany and Chris S.  At the same time five others were playing Princes of Florence, and another table of 5 were playing Endeavor.  Our game of Snow Tails was new to everyone but Michael and I.  After the first race, folks wanted to have another go, so we set up a more elaborate route that included saplings and snow drifts.  Great fun, and just my sort of racing game.

To round out the evening I played Titan: The Arena with Sally, Michael, Chester and Bob.  This is a game I had in my collection long ago, and eventually let it pass through my hands.  But last year I found a copy available cheap, and on a whim recollected it.  It was fun to revisit this old chestnut, and it was received fairly well by everyone at the table.

Other games I witnessed in play included Dominion, Tichu, and Tumblin’ Dice.  It was nice to see so many gamers out for the evening.  Some folks who hardly ever come were present, along with one new player who came with his brother.


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