Doctor Who

Recently I have been sucked into the wonderful world of Doctor Who.  Oh sure, I recall Tom Baker with his long scarf and big hats.  But in the old days I could never really bond with the Doctor.  But now, this newest version is a fun entertaining show.  Currently I have just finished viewing in sequence the first season.  Christopher Eccleston did a great job as the Doctor, and I was kinda sad to see him depart so quickly.  But I have seen enough of David Tennant to know he is especially wonderful as the 10th Doctor.

I’ve had so much fun with this series that I succumbed to eBay on Christmas day and ordered a couple Doctor Who games.  Tonight I opened my parcel from England containing the Doctor Who Interactive Electronic Board Game.  Now as a gamer, I know that this game is mostly rubbish.  It is one step removed from Snakes and Ladders.  But you see it has an electronic TARDIS.  It flashes lights, plays snippets of dialog including the obligatory Dalek screeching “EXTERMINATE”.

I’m still waiting for the other Doctor Who game I ordered from England… But I’ll tell more about that one once it arrives.


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