Really Nasty

We played The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game at the Bistro this week.  This is a game we play once every year or two, and since we had exactly 6 players, it seemed like an opportunity.  Response was lukewarm from Jason, but most everyone else seemed to enjoy it, with Michael beeing especially happy with it.  As the name implies there is a a lot of direct hosage in this game.

Briefly – each player has a stable of 6 horses.  He will field one of those 6 horses each race.  The horses are ranked from 1-6, with the higher ranked horses having some advantage in the race.  There are 6 races, of varying purses to be run.  Players can make money by finishing in the top 3, or by betting on the winning horse.  A LOT of money can be potentially won on bets.

You are under no geas to run your horse effectively.  If you want it to lose (because you bet on a different horse), you can run your horse in an ineffective way.  In addition, each player has 3 cards they can use during the game.  These cards have various effects, mostly bad effects, which can cause a horse to fall and leave the race.  The potential for wrecking any given horse’s run is ample.

The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game is mostly an experience game.  There isn’t too much strategy available.  You make a few decisions, and watch them play out.  I enjoy the game, but am never surprised when it doesn’t please someone.

We had a late arrival, so when Really Nasty finished, three Bistro players pulled down Tinners’ Trail.  Michael, Chester, Chris Anderson and I played Web of Power.  Great little game.  We finished it quickly.  Michael departed, and so Chris, Chester and I played it again.  I think Web of Power is best as a 3-player game.  In the first game I neglected placing cloisters concentrating on placing advisors.  This did not work out and I finished in 4th place.  For the second game I swapped to trying to get cloisters down, and only dabbled with Advisors.  I was able to get two chains, which was just enough for victory.

I like Web of Power quite a lot.  (Although I would decline a 5p game – too much chaos.)  For a game that plays in 30 minutes or less, I feel like a lot of decisions are offered.


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