Monday Night’s Endeavor

This past Monday was our annual Christmas gift exchange between Rick, Chris and I.  Gary is away for the holidays, and had excused himself from this and future gift exchanges.  I gave Rick an expansion track for Formula D.  We have plenty of the older Formula De tracks, but the Formula D track had another “urban” course included, which was enough enticement to gift it to Rick.  For Chris I gave him a copy of Endeavor, a newer game about exploration.

I had played Endeavor earlier this month with some other friends, and thought it merited additional play.  Briefly, Endeavor is about European great powers expanding across the globe.  You track your power in four attributes, which directly affect which builldings you can build, how many workers you have to use, how many workers you can re-use, and how many region cards you can hold.  Chris popped it open and we soon were set up and ready to play.  I cruised through the rules, and braced with my previous experience was able to lead the game.  Since our game was a 3-player affair, it felt a fair bit different than my previous 5-player experience.  There was much less pressure, as the same number of buildings and distant lands are available.

I did not play particularly well.  I never did expand my ability to build the highest level of colonial buildings.  I also was weak in my ability to re-use placed workers, which meant my colonial buildings were clogged part of the time with previously placed workers who refused to vacate the premises until they were paid.  I did set out to aggressively ship to distant lands, but with fewer players in this game, I found I had very little help opening up lands early on. 

I suspect Endeavor will be a game that shines better with 4-5 players.  I can understand why it has gained good reviews and vibrant attention.  I look forward to playing again, especially once Gary is back and we have our usual foursome at the table.


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