Bistro Gaming

We had a lively crew here on the 15th for a fun night of gaming.  Games I was not involved in included:  Princes of Florence, Power Grid, Dominion, and Can’t Stop.  The games I did play were:  StreetSoccer, Pandemic, Auf Achse, Ave Caesar, and Call My Bluff.  We had twelve people playing at three tables, and it appeared everyone had a fun time.

Alex showed up just a bit early and we decided to play a game of StreetSoccer.  This is a roll and move game that often is discounted by a lot of people.  But I am a big fan, and Alex was open to playing.  We had a tight match with no score for the first 20 turns.  Finally Alex got a goal, and I had to start pressing my luck.  This backfired and as the clock started running down Alex scored a second goal.  With no hope left for the victory my team finally scored 1 goal as the buzzer sounded.  Great game with lots of excitement – and it only takes 15 minutes.

Our game of Pandemic was a tight affair.  We defeated the game on the very last turn.  Tiffany had suggested we start at the easiest level, which meant there were two other outbreak cards that could have been added to the deck.  Clearly even one more would have tipped the balance and we would have lost the game.  Of all the cooperative games I’ve tried, I like Pandemic the best.  I’m still not sold on the genre, but I can agree to play Pandemic once in a while and have fun doing it.

I suggested we play Auf Achse, which was received reasonably well.  Zack did his classic “poor me” routine, which pretty much tipped off TG and I that he thought he had won.  I’m not sure what Tiffany thought of his antics, but she learned by game end to assume Zack is winning once he starts complaining.  I really like the new edition of Auf Achse, and hope it will get a few plays by the club.

As we finished Auf Achse, the Princes of Florence game was also finishing.  So we took this opportunity to mix things up.  After some trash talk against Ave Caesar, I decided it needed to be defended.  I pulled down my copy (the Ravensburger edition) and TG, Alex, Chester and Char joined me for a quick chariot race.  Char soon took over the lead and proceeded to open up a commanding gap on the field.  But soon enough she was clogging her hand with unplayable cards, forcing her to wait for the field to catch up.  We didn’t have too many antics in getting to Caesar’s alley to pay our dues, and by the start of the third lap we had closed up to a fairly tight field.  Rounding the last turn I was able to pass Char, and when she was unable to cross the finish line I rushed past for the victory.  This was a good crew for Ave Caesar, garnering 2 ‘good’ and 3 ‘excellent’ ratings.  It is a simple game, but oh so fun to cut your friends off and force them to take the longer routes around the corners.

The same crew finished up with a rousing game of Call My Bluff, the most played game in my collection.


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